Hey guys! I am an avid student, teacher, and mover. I am passionate about making yoga accessible in your body. I firmly believe that the practice is not about making shapes, and imperfection is a must. When you take a class with me, I want you to walk away having learned something. Whether it’s about your body or yourself doesn’t matter, as long as you carry it with you off your mat.

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About Me

My passion for yoga began in my early 20’s. Initially it started as a way for me to cope with depression and anxiety. Although it took a long time, yoga helped me find a love for myself. It is ultimately what drives me to share the practice with others. Over the years my personal practice has transformed as I continue to evolve as a woman, wife, mother, and friend.

Truthfully, yoga felt natural to me. My body is naturally more flexible and the asanas (poses) made sense to me. That changed once I had children. I began experiencing chronic pelvic floor pain. My body felt foreign to me and I dissociated from it as a result. Even though I eventually got the right help, I was still limited from doing the things I loved. Simple tasks like sitting and walking were incredibly painful.

During this time, I became fascinated with the human body. I guess you could say I got super nerdy. I bought books, listened to podcasts, attended seminars and workshops. Anything I could get my hands on. I was driven to understand what was happening to me.

This thirst for knowledge took me on an incredibly journey of self-discovery. I learned how to look at my body as a whole system, mind body and soul. I studied pain and the role of the nervous system. I changed my movement habits and behavioral patterns. I learned how to move without pain and taught myself how to progressively get stronger. Little by little, the pain dissipated, and I felt empowered.

This is what fuels my teaching method today. I believe in an interdisciplinary approach. One that fosters learning, inquiry, compassion, and play. My teaching emphasizes anatomy, biomechanics, and a variety of movement modalities mixed with an understanding that there is no right or wrong way to do it. It simply depends on the individual, their intention, and their experiences.

My personal journey has shown me that this approach not only builds awareness in traditional yoga postures, but in day to day life as well. By mindfully nurturing our breath, caring for our joints, prepping our body, creatively using props, and exploring new tasks, our bodies become stronger and more resilient. Guiding you to move better and feel better in your body, exactly as you are.

I am convinced that the best way to facilitate confidence and self-love is through the body. Change can happen when you radically embrace yourself. You feel a sense of belonging because there is no fixing… not your body, not your inadequacies. In this day and age, I think we can all benefit from less doing, less forcing, and just being.

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Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

I was diagnosed with vulvodynia and vestibulitis in 2010, after suffering with excruciating vaginal pain for three years. It has been one hell of a journey. With the help of my doctor, physical therapist, behavioral therapist, and yoga, I am now pain free. I vowed to learn as much as I possibly could about my body and how the pain affected all aspects of my life. I knew that one day I would find the courage to advocate for others experiencing this isolating condition. That day has finally come.

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Experience a multi-disciplinary approach to yoga. One that is kind to your body but challenging enough to keep you doing the things you love. Learn how progressive sequences, mobility, strength and stability can create healthy movement patterns in your body for years to come.

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